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Stuck On Your Ideal Customer Profile? - maybe it’s time to get creative...

Helen Davis

Ideal Client Avatar Collage

When my ideal client avatar was alluding me I realised I was thinking about her all the wrong way. So I got out the scissors...

Why a special someone?

Writing for your business 101: If you’re speaking to everyone you’re speaking to no-one. The solution? Write like you’re speaking to one person. Your ideal client, in fact. But just who is she? And how do you find her? I say: Collage her.

Playing with ideas

Yep, that’s right, create your ideal client with cut out paper pieces and glue, like a more mindful Frankenstein. Mmmm, maybe not. For me, collaging my ideal client avatar is what my artist self would call an idea catalyst - a starting point on which to build.

Stuck in your head

Having completed numerous ideal client avatar questionnaires - namely with Marie Forleo’s B-School - I realised my ideal client avatar was stuck in my head. As the girl who gave up art school to go hide behind writing essays at uni, it’s dawned on me that I’m a frustrated artist who writes. So, there was nothing for it - time to get artistic.

Creating your ideal client

I got out some A3 card and some old magazines, and began filling the page with words which resonated, brands my ideal client might buy into, items they might own, thoughts they might have. I tried to let these things flow.

You can get really specific with this ideal client avatar thing - which is what I think trips some of us up. But viewing my ideal client avatar as more of a guide than a blueprint helped free up the creation process. It’s all too easy to get perfection procrastination - I know I do.

Refining your ideal client

I like Danielle La Porte’s take on goals, which she calls ‘core desired feelings’. Feeling your way into an idea and seeing it as a work in progress means you’ll be more flexible and responsive. After all it might turn out your ideal client avatar isn’t quite who you thought she was…

Speaking of which, PR and marketing maven Janet Murray reckons, that while you do indeed need to be talking to that certain someone, you shouldn’t be too wedded to your ideal client avatar.

Remember, we’re talking about connecting with real people here. Get too hooked on the idea of your ideal client and you could be ignoring loyal client needs or creating products aimed at a fantasy following.

Check out Janet Murray’s podcast for some useful tips on what to consider when creating your ideal client avatar.

Where will your ideal client avatar take you?

For now, I’m looking at my ideal client avatar as a kind of communications compass - not a map. I’m playing around with more collages as questions or ideas come up and I’ve been sketching out ideas in my bullet journal.

Where my current clients are mostly established brands, who aren’t likely to be reading this post, I’m now looking to reach a new audience and make meaningful connections with them. And, at the end of the day that means finding out what real people want.

Over to you

Have you had trouble envisioning your ideal client avatar? What got you stuck? Or did the one you create lead you up the garden path? If creating your ideal client avatar in a more creative way resonates with you I’d love to know.